Best-in-class systems. Seamless integration

The openTruck™ Solution

openTruck™ is a blueprint for a new breed of modern compact production vehicles (or flight packs) with outsized production capabilities. These designs came out of research and trials conducted with clients over a multi-year period in exploring how to take best advantage of new Ross Video developments in graphics and production switching capabilities to simplify and streamline sophisticated productions.

Maximize Physical Space. Minimize Risk. Deliver Great Content.
openTruck is a viable alternative to traditional mobile production designs. Rather than using overly expensive technologies that lack smooth integration, this new construct emphasizes equipment and workflows that complement each other for better efficiencies at lower costs. A healthy return on investment is delivered using the openTruck blueprint as vehicles and other enclosures are precisely engineered to maximize space, minimize risk and consistently deliver faultlessly efficient production workflows, uncompromising video quality, and rapid reconfiguration from event to event.

A Groundbreaking Mobile Model.
openTruck’s proven blueprints include open protocols, specifications and schematics. Some design models specify a number of Ross Video products, which must be used for an implementation to qualify as openTruck. Other products are optional and can be selected from leading technology suppliers many of which are participants in the openTruck initiative.

Integration of Production Systems.
In mobile production, space can be tight- and so can be time!

Live production systems are needed that not only take size and power into consideration, but are optimized to work seamlessly together to make sure nobody misses any of the action. Reliability and speed of operation is critical during the event, as well as how fast and easy set-up and configuration can be performed between events.

Expand coverage to meet consumer demand for production of more local events.
Coverage of local and regional sporting and other live events, including things like political rallies, music concerts and festivals, has traditionally been resource intensive. openTruck delivers huge opportunities for these applications by enabling production companies to cost-effectively build and staff mobile production implementations that meet the demanding requirements of today’s sophisticated media-delivery networks.

If you’re interested in adopting or contributing to openTruck™ communication protocols, please contact us at

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